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Re: logfile configuration in WSGI file

Cody Kitterman
- 05/05/2016 21:55:47
Good news or bad news first? Bad news is that I'm going to ask that you undo/revert your changes. Good news is that it is much simpler than that and I'm willing to help you out. Could you email me back directly and confirm the location of your configuration file (.openerp_serverrc)? Also, would you prefer the logs to be stored in your database or would you prefer an actual log file?

     Cody K.

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Arjan Duijs <> wrote:
I have tried to specify the logfile location in the WSGI file
conf['logfile'] = '/home/josesapelli/webapps/odoo/odoo/openerp-server.log'

but that doesnt seem to have any effect.

how can i properly set the logfile?

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