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Re: Odoo ecommerce vs magento

Mr James Alfa
- 05/05/2016 06:19:29

thanks for pointing us at the comparison whitepaper that you have produced. This raises a few questions:

1) On page 8 you assert that odoo enterprise offers multiple pictures per product - can you let us know how this is possible ?
2) On page 9 you state that cart abandonment tracking is available - can you let us know how customer's carts are inspected from the backend of odoo ?
3) On page 9 you state that there are customer testimonials are available for odoo enterprise - this is obviously completely distinct from a product review, which relates to a specific product - typically customer testimonials relate to a customer's experience of your service as a business and thus are not related to any specific product - can you let me know how this is configured - eg how customer testimonials are requested following a sale to customer, how they are turned on and off once they have been collected and how they are relatable to specific customers/partners and how they are rendered to the front end. Obviously a proper customer testimonial system is much more than just a static slider with some customer messages pasted in by hand.


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Magento is better than odoo ec module.

I already heard that from some Magento integrators, and I think it's a misunderstanding of the end-users need and market. The same people probably think Magento is much better than shopify because shopify does not have a lot of features compared to Magento. But in reallity, the market (or users need) value a lot usability and cost of implementation as you can see in Google Trends:

It's not only about the features you have, it's about the quality of these features, the usability, the website builder, etc. Ask yourself why Magento's SaaS offer has been discontinued (Magento Go) after several years? Mostly because Magento is so complex that it does not work without a costly implementation service.

In short, I would say that:
1/ Magento has more "pure eCommerce" features
2/ Odoo has more "management features" like marketing, inventory, invoicing, jobs, ...
3/ Odoo has a better usability and is usually cheaper to deploy/configure (try to play with taxes, variants & pricelists with Magento)
4/ Odoo produces beautiful products pages (website builder)
5/ Odoo scales better on high volumes

Usually, it means that if Odoo has the features you need, it's probably much better than Magento for your need. But it's possible that Odoo does not have the features you need and Magento does. In such a case, you have to analyze into the details to check if it's better with Magento or Odoo. (develop the missing feature VS complex implementation and product)

Also, Odoo is moving very fast in eCommerce. We are not far from having as much features as Magento, see: 


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