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Re: Sale installment module

Mohamed Hagag
- 05/04/2016 15:46:43


I need your help in this module.

The SO created with installments never get done state even it's paid and delivered.

Currently I'm using an automated action to mark the SO done, but I need to fix this issue in the module.

Also I found an issue when the installments count = 2 and fixed it by allowing installments > 3 only .

I hope that interested people will test it in different scenarios and report the issues or help fixing them.

I'm planning to make an update that will allow users to set the installment amount, down payment amount and maybe interest rate and then the module will calculate the number of installments .

So anyone interested please help polishing it.


On 05/03/2016 12:46 AM, Mohamed M. Hagag wrote:

Hi all,

Just in case that someone needs it, we developed a module that will auto generate sale installment contract filled with installments info and generating recurring invoices for installments on time.

Plz feel free to test and use and suggest enhancements.

on market place search for dvit

github repo:

for support requests feel free to contact us or by mail info [at]