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RE: Analytic account for cost center

Ray Carnes
- 05/03/2016 16:02:50
The workaround is for users to split lines into the percentages themselves

I have a v8 user who prefers this way to distributions. They rejected the UX as too complex and find splitting very intuitive and checkable.

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From: Esteban Echeverry - Nubark
Sent: ‎5/‎3/‎2016 12:57 PM
To: Community
Subject: Re: Analytic account for cost center

Odoo 9 doesn't support analytic distributions out of the box anymore. 

Odoo 8 does, though. 

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 9:47 AM, Carlos Rodríguez <> wrote:
Hello Community,

I am currently searching for some sort of module or functionality in order to be able to register one expense (purchase, asset, service) into multiple cost centers.

E.G. the electricity bill needs to be split into:
10% sales force CC.
45% MRP CC.
10% Accounting department CC.
25% IT department CC.
10% OthersCC.

I was reading these thread but I was unable to figure out how to make it.

Thanks for your help,

Carlos R.

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