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Re: Odoo MRP: status & video

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 04/29/2016 13:52:04
Hello Fabien,

Nice work! I'm sure this and the polish of v10 in general will finally attract a lot of real users to Odoo. As we had the opportunity to share our views several times, I just find it sad you entered in a proprietary model that fits our own model and our market very marginally only. But if you manage to attract enough customers after such great innovation then that's good for you and that's also good for the community as we benefit from a polished platform on which we can later build solutions that fit the need of our customers. What is important is to have a great and reliable platform. That wasn't really the case in the past as it was only emerging, but every day this is turning more real so I think finally both you an the community are growing.


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can you tell us how to pronounce correctly "jeejejjeej" and if it has a particular leaning ? Thank you.


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