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Re: Odoo MRP: status & video

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 04/29/2016 13:13:22

As with most of the developments we do/will do, it's a mix of both.

Our objective is to keep a good balance of 80%/20% between Community and Enterprise investments. (which is currently more or less the case judging the volumes of commits in github)

For MRP specific features:
- improvements of existing objects are mostly community: migration of code to new API, speed improvements, bom, mrp1 scheduler, MO, equipments.
- new features are mostly enterprise: mrp2, MPS, Work Center control panel, quality, maintenance, plm.


On Apr 29, 2016 5:19 PM, "James Fox" <> wrote:


can you let us know if this is only for enterprise and not community editions of Odoo.

James Fox

Alfa Industrial Components
Litton House, 
Tel 03333 441658   Fax 03333 441659


We are very excited by the new MRP features we developed recently. For the
first time ever, you will get a software that covers MRP, PLM, Quality and
Maintenance with a great level of usability.

We think it could be a revolution for the industry: a fresh and modern solution
to an old problem.

To help you discover these great modules, we are organizing a series of free
conferences all around the world:

Help us spread the world and write a blog or forward the email to your friends
in the industry.

We hope to meet you there. It will be the opportunity to meet the core developer
as well as an extensive presentation. As we have around 100 seats per event, we
recommend you to book your seat asap. 

We also launched a teaser video to show the new features:

We updated related web pages too:

The status of the project:
  • most of the features of phase 1 are developed and tested. This includes all features in the initial specification [1] but: barcode UI, floor plan, eSign-like interface for quality and lots. (keep in mind the final result might differ from the initial specification a lot)
  • we will send you access to beta-test, after the events. (that way, you will an introduction to the features before testing it)
  • estimated release dates are: July-August 2016 for Odoo Online users for the first phase and Oct 6 for on-premise users (v10) (still do not know if it will include the second phase with barcode and floor plant or not)

We are working on an MRP White Paper similar to the 3 others we released [2],
available from the top menu Docs > White Papers. The MRP one should be available
in 3 weeks.

Hope to meet you there,


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