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Question about Odoo Enterprise, pricing per User

Arjan Duijs
- 04/29/2016 12:26:24
Hi All,
How are these users calculated?  1 for every user that can login or 1 for every user that actually DOES login?  (i read that odoo does send user+addon info to odoo periodically) 

The reason i am asking is that we are considering upgrading to the enterprise edition (little late now that recently they have changed their pricings) , but the HR TimeSheet module forces me to create lots extra users that will never login.

In order to fill a TimeSheet an employee NEEDS to be attached to a user, but all these production employees will never ever login to odoo, and thus never use it.

This meaning with the new pricing system per user its going to be a shitload of extra costs and wasted money (~ $5000 per year considering 50 extra never to be used accounts)
Considering our growth this amount will double within a year.. but the ACTUAL odoo users will more or less stay the same