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Re: Outgoing Mail server

Dave Ellison
- 04/28/2016 04:20:03

Does the one by Odoo provide tracking on emails being sent? Odoo can show sent emails, well from what I remember from on 7. But it doesn't give you that information an SMTP would, where it shows that it was received by their SMTP server. You can also send it to a email provider that will scan the emails and provide you with options for resending etc. So, advantage is control and visibility of emails sent to your customers/suppliers etc. Where as Odoo might say an email was sent, is there any information to when it was received by the other server. Assuming Odoo online doesn't provide SMTP information of course.


On 27/04/16 17:54, Luis Miguel Sarabia wrote:
Hi all,

Is there any advantage in setting up an Outgoing email server different than the one provided by Odoo, while using Odoo online?

Best Regards,

Luis Miguel Sarabia

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