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How to flag order change

John Pia Jr
- 04/27/2016 05:59:42

Hello all,

My business is very fast pace, about 90% of sale orders on any given day are packed and shipping thag same day.

Becuase we are in the food business, customers order often change throughout the day, and becuase we will not refuse any order we find ourselves making changes to the orders often.

My question is, is there a module out there that will easy flag orders that have changed once they have already been confirmed?

My thought is that I would have to chnage the delivery order info, and not the same order (I invoice based on delivery order).

I was thinking maybe a check box on the deliver order that I can use to filter and color code orders in the tree view.

We do about 300 orders a day so having a quick and accurate means of identifying order changes is critical.

Thank insight is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

- John Pia Jr