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Re: Can I use Odoo to build a SaaS business apps? Can Odoo support multiple subdomains?

Nubark, Esteban Echeverry
- 04/26/2016 11:20:50
You could probably use LXD with nginx as reverse proxy to separate each of your verticals.


On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Dominique Chabord <> wrote:
2016-04-26 14:37 GMT+02:00 James Fox <>:

> You will agree that it is NOT a requirement to have different instances if
> all you want to have is different modules installed on each database of a
> single instance.

Yes it is required, unless you limit customer's access, like
preventing admin user to install new modules.
There would be other things to change also. It is the way Odoo-SA
manages their Saas by the way.
You can build things your own way too, but the initial question of the
thread didn't mention this kind of specific restrictions.

> Those that might wish to sell odoo instances may wish to
> claim it, but it is patently NOT true.

Odoo instances are free at SISalp, of course, else customers would be
willing to run apples and oranges on the same instance. It is the
opposite, multiple instances require more resources for the same
selling price.

>From a more generic standpoint, assuming the hosted application is
secure by design is a bad idea for any hoster. It was proven wrong in
the past since TinyERP 2.0 til Odoo V9 and will probably be true also
with next versions.

Most hosters hosting multiple databases on a single instance do it
because they don't know how to manage several instances seriously.
Odoo-SA decided not to do it to reduce service footprint because they
target millions of users.

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