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Re: Can I use Odoo to build a SaaS business apps? Can Odoo support multiple subdomains?

Ermin Trevisan
- 04/26/2016 02:13:10
> I'm looking for some framework to develop my business apps.. and found
> Odoo and Frappe.. but, I have a question: can I develop my own modules,
> using odoo, for my costumers? I don't want to use any odoo default
> modules, I want to build my own modules.. For sure, I don't make any
> change on odoo brand, names etc...

We are also starting our business as Odoo SAAS provider, focused on
small local vendors and businesses. The coverage of business processes
Odoo does support out of the box is amazing, also the functional depth.
Together with the numerous customization possibilities without even
touching the code is impressive. So, as already said, before starting to
develop code for functionalities already existing, do thoroughly study
what Odoo already offers.
We also do proudly support Odoo's branding (see or for example), I have even
written a small module to adapt to this way.
> My other question is: I'll have some costumers with different modules...
> each costumer has a sub-domain to access my software..   Odoo provide
> this feature for me?

Yes, if you install your customers as separate databases, you can
individually install all modules suiting the particular customer's
needs. To direct web requests to the proper database, use the db_filter
option (if using it in the .conf file, it is dbfilter), which allows to
automatically extract the database name from the subdomain.

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