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Re: Why unsubscribe does not work?

- 04/24/2016 13:27:22
Odoo as a company has so many ideas, they leave a lot of their products unfinished. Unsubscribe is one such functionality that they neglect to fix for a long time.

Their use case requires you to sign into your Odoo account before being able to unsubscribe. This doesn't always work as their system only offers you the subscribe option. A simple option (button) to unsubscribe regardless of whether their system thinks you are already unsubscribed would help.

Every now and then their emails will end up in the spam folder due to people clicking Report Spam after they cannot unsubscribe.

On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 7:47 AM, Toyoshi Honda <> wrote:
Sorry for disturbing, I tried unsubscribe so that I don't get any mail sent to the community, but it doesnot work...
Why? let me know how to do for unsubscribe.
Thanks in advance.

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