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RE: field project manager on model project.project

Ray Carnes
- 04/22/2016 13:11:14

Hi Nhomar/Alexandre,


(I am ranting, as I did before, so please ignore/disagree/react/respond as you see fit).


You and others are free to use the words you choose.  I was simply pointing out that some people don’t respond very well to being told they are misguided.


In English there is a phrase ‘you collect more flies with honey, than with vinegar‘. (Translation: It is easier to persuade others with polite requests and a positive attitude rather than with rude demands and negativity).


Misguided -> may come off as rude/negative

Different Perspective -> may come off as polite/positive


I’d like the Community to be ‘respectful and nice’.  Often we are not and I don’t like it.


Thanks for having room for my perspective on this!




P.S.  If I told you YOUR reply was misguided, how would it make you feel? J


From: Nhomar Hernandez []
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On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Ray Carnes <> wrote:


Just because the perspective is different from yours does not make it misguided.

It would be great, and raise the level of the discussions, to not assert that anyone is misguided when we disagree with their perspective.



On this case it is misguided.


I never understood this change either.


Other point (which I can be agree) is that we can have a group again just to show functional views.


If the answer is: Thas tfield is hidden because this standard or this functional reason because you shoud use it on this and this and that way.... << that's ok, maybe I am bad and I can understand that.


Bot answers like: This is a **cleanup and then you must have technical features enables to see 1 field (which as you know download +5mb of js not compressed) introducing a huge usability hole... It is clearly misguided:


At least in my bad english I do not understand the proper concept of such word obviously.... :-(





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