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Re: Receiving a Service call- Marking Service as receiveid

Numa Extreme Systems, Gustavo Marino
- 04/22/2016 11:24:39
Give a try to numa_services, on

You will be able to mark services as public services. Once you confirm a sales order, additionally to normal delivery orders for goods, services orders will be created

Service orders are classified by category. For each sales orders, several service orders will be generated by category (in order to schedule the service orders according to theirs category)
Service orders have always  a responsible (the employee in charge) and an optional supplier assigned.
Service orders go through several states, even till finally done, when they can create specific invoices (pretty much like delivery orders)

Any comment will be appreciated
Best regards

Gustavo Adrian Marino


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2016-04-22 11:32 GMT-03:00 John Pia Jr <>:

It seems that you may have sent your response to early. All I can see is hello

- John Pia Jr

On Apr 22, 2016 10:12 AM, "Peter Mudoko" <> wrote:


On Apr 22, 2016 16:41, "John Pia Jr" <> wrote:
Hello All,

Is there a module out there that enables me to create some sort of receiving transaction on a service product?

For all stockable or consumable products, a receiving ticket is created now, however this is not the case for services.


If I purchase consulting services from a company, I would generate a PO for this service, a receiving ticket would be generated, and once received, I will mark as such. 

This seems like a fairly common request. I am surprised i wasn't able to find anything online.

​Thanks all.​

John Pia Jr
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