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MRP Metered Products

XOE Corp. SAS, David Arnold
- 04/21/2016 22:24:10

I have a question on metered products, such as water, gas, process heat, etc.

Typically you just open the tap and consume those products (consumable), however those products also can be part in a production cycle (BOM) as ingrediente, with a quantity and a cost, and above all a "consumed" check.

Now, even though consumable, the manufacturing order consumes those products at quantity and costs from the respective source location of the manufacturing order. (eg. WH/Stock).

The problem now is, that those products never get replenished (eg. by a purchase order), as there is no stock handling for those products. Additionally, this would not be true, as you can never run out of stock and stock is always zero.

I managed to add a product route "metered buy" which has a procurement roule "buy metered product", which consists in a stock tranference from Vendor-Location to Stock as an internal picking type.

Like this, things work almost fine:
- I can produce, with water (!)
- I never run out of water (because it's configured as consumable)
- In the very moment it is taken out of stock (let's say water tab), a procurement provides replenishment (let's say from the utility supply tube)

HOWEVER, I need to "reserve-validate" this picking, which is something I'm not usually doing: Standing by the water meter and approving every incoming shipment (volumetric meter).

A "metered" purchasing mode consists in exactly that there is no kind of manual verification as the very meter provides sufficient trust level for consumer and provider.

tl,dr - In conclusion, I miss an option on procurement rules, like they are available on push rules "Automatic Move" - [transparent] - Automatic No Step Added.

Anyone is into this as well? Should we team up to prepare a PR to upstream?

Impossible me to be the first person to stumble over this!?!?

Best, David