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Unexpected diffrences between Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community interfaces

Jerome Sonnet
- 04/19/2016 06:24:28
Hello community,

I recently encountered an issue that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

In the code of my module "Google Drive Attachement Module for Odoo", I have added the possibility to save attachements in Google Drive rather than in the local file system or in the database. 

The process was quite straitforward and I was happy with my work.

One user contacted me as the module was not working for him. After some iterations and some improvements in the code, it turned out they were using the Enterprise version of Odoo.

The problem was related to the fact that the HTML generated by the enterprise version is not the same, namely the CSS classes used on the sidebar is not the same (".oe_sidebar_add_attachment" -> ".o_sidebar_add_attachment")

I was a bit confused as why such a change was made in the Enterprise version at this core level of the code (I can see a link with the OpenERP -> Odoo change but why not the same change in 9.0). 

On the longer term, will it be still possible to develop modules that work both on Community and Enterprise versions ?

I suppose you understand there is not copyright or commercial issue here, it is a pure technical discussion as how to make this work or if we must expect to make two versions of most of our work.

The fix was easy to do though, just unexpected.

Best regards,