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Journal Vouchers

OSSE - Oficina de Soluciones y Servicios Empresariales, jolevq
- 04/18/2016 12:57:39

We are looking for a way or a tool to help accountant/bookkeeper to register new Journal Entries but from a single point and with some pre-configured features. In v8 we found the Journal Voucher menu (Accounting>Journal Entries>Journal Vouchers) that use the Account.Voucher model. It helps to do the work for different Journals: sell, bills, payments, receipts even cash and bank transactions. We understand that a Journal Voucher is a document that can generate Journal Entries like Invoices or payments do (

Is there any module/example where Journal Voucher is used like that? In V9 there is no Journal Voucher Menu, so we are wondering if it is a good idea to try to automate Journal Vourchers.

Our goal is to present to the accountant/bookkeeper a single point/interface where is possible to generate any Journal Entry, for any Journal, with some additional features like choose/write a different currency rate, preconfigured Journal Items (lines), or maybe to search an invoice if we are doing a Journal Entry for a customer payment, so it can reconcile automatically; instead of going to the invoices, bills payments, banks to generate individuals Journal Entries.

Or maybe is recomendable just go directly to the Journal Entry and work on it...

Thank you for your help

José Elcorrobarrutia