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Re: Security - Odoo enterprise - DB access

Just Testing
- 04/18/2016 11:19:47
You need to open port 443.

The connect python code is here:

And the url that's beeing called here:

This is for 8.0, and has been changed a bit for 9.0.

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Roel Adriaans

On 04/18/2016 05:07 PM, Matt Taylor wrote:
This is helpful information.  I need one more related piece of information:

Which outbound port do I need to open?  In other words, which port is the Odoo SA server listening on?

Matt Taylor

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 11:39 AM, <> wrote:
Dear community,
For a customer concerned with outside access to his database ( odoo enterprise ). Would you append to know if:
1) I plan to use odoo behind a VPN. Do I have to allow access to odoo sa. If yes, what kind of access they have? I asked my account manager but don't get a useful answer. I was answered that "we ping the db of our client, and have only access to information such as number of users, and apps installed" - anyone has any information about this topic?
2) I read with much interest Hiren Vora from emipro post about strenghtening security:
Would you have any additional remarks about this?
3) I am thinking to start with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram (about 15 users) and then migrating to bigger server with separation between postgres and the app. Any remarks?
4) Is munin still the recommended app for measuring performance?
5) Do you have live v9 enterprise deployments for 25+ users?
In advance thank you for your input. 
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