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Re: Odoo E-Invoicing Latam (Peru)

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- 04/17/2016 14:13:40

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Luis Miguel Sarabia <> wrote:
Googd Morning,

Any partner that could have experiece implementing e-incoicing in any Latam country or for Perú?

We are very interesed in developing the solution for Perú , but we would like to know if there is already something out there.

The e-invoicing in Peru technically is very similar to other countries in Latam. I know that Mexico is one of the first ones having this requirement from the government.

Technically to the e-invoicing in Peru is as follows: 
1.Send an XML/UBL file with the invoice information. 
2. This file need to be signed with a digital certificate: X509 v3
3. Send the file using a webservice provided by the Tax Authorities in Peru.

If anyone have information, refrences or would like to collaborate in this proyect regarding this topic please let me know.

You can check our modules[1] for Ecuador, by now e-invoice and e-withdrawing, are working fine. we use java app to sign XML.

Web services from authority is not configurable now but you can hack it for your WS.

Any doubts, please open an issue at github.

Best Regards,

Luis Miguel Sarabia

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