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Re: Security - Odoo enterprise - DB access

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 04/16/2016 12:08:55

On Sat, Apr 16, 2016 at 5:17 AM, Mignon, Laurent <> wrote:

But, for the respect of the contract, we need to verify the number of users in your database. To do that, your Odoo server sends once a week the number of users and list of apps installed to Odoo SA. (it's your Odoo server that contacts Odoo SA, we don't have access to your data) This is important to control the respect of the contract conditions (number of users) and it's illegal to remove this. (every software vendor in the world, and most software like Ubuntu, Chrome, Drupal, ... do that)

Do you collect the complete list of addons or only those parts of the Official Odoo distribution? 

Complete list. We also send language and version used. We use that to warn customers about critical security issues if their version is impacted: we send them an email, along with a patch a few weeks before we disclosed the security breach publicly.