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Suggestions for Location Configurations

Bharat Devnani
- 04/16/2016 05:22:12
Dear Community,

We are implementing a stock management, for company who are in Rental business, they rent out goods to the customers for limited number of days and get it back in the stock once the order is fulfilled (Dismantling).

And if they don't have their own goods to fulfill the customers' requirement they also Cross Hire the products from suppliers and return the goods after predefined days.

Now to accomplish this scenario, we have configured a Route with following configuration :
Pull Rules :
  • From our warehouse -> Renting Customer 

and Push Rule (To create picking automatically)

  • Renting Customer  -> >From our warehouse

which will create a picking from Stock to Renting Customer( Customer Location) and the chained picking from Renting Customer -> Stock automatically which is dependent upon the prior picking which is Stock to Renting Customer. (That works fine)

Now main challenge which we are facing is that, they maintain their own stock and cross hiring separately in one warehouse i.e Wh/Stock/Physical Location and Wh/Stock/Cross hire Location and if I am defining two different rules for cross hire and own products with different source locations, 2 pickings are generated with 

1) Physical Products - > Renting Customer
2) Cross hire Products - > Renting Customer

and their two related pickings which are 

1) Renting Customer -> Physical Products
2) Renting Customer - > Cross hire Products

Any suggestions on how we can make it to one picking instead of two pickings for above two scenarios. 

Any inputs, or any other suggestion to accomplish the goal would be much appreciated.

Hope to get your suggestions.

Note : They don't sale the goods which are acquired for Rental only.