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RE: Bank Account - Online Synchronization

Kevin Sawyer
- 04/15/2016 20:21:44

Glad to learn that it is working for someone else.  I reached out to and was initially told that I was afforded no support with this feature.  After some argument from me, I received steps to reset the Yodlee authentication, which seemed to take me a bit closer to synchronization.  I have followed-up regarding the lack of synchronized transaction data and received no response, hence my decision to take the issue to the community.






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We successfully use this feature with a bank account and with paypal.
I suggest you take screenshots or make a video of the issue and send it to Such technical support and bug fix (if that's what it is) is covered by your Odoo Enterprise contract. Please also indicate your exact version and build as there have been improvements in the sync process in recent releases.


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On Fri Apr 15 16 4:46 PM, Kevin Sawyer wrote:

We use a supported bank (Associated Bank Business Banking (Yodlee)) with Odoo v9 Enterprise.  When setting up Online Synchronization, I select my bank, then input my credentials.  Odoo successfully contacts my bank and presents a listing of accounts from which to select for Online Synchronization as well as a date from which to begin getting records.  After selecting these things, I never get any transactions synchronized.  I believe this to be a bug in Odoo and therefore not an issue that should require me (or anyone else) to pay for support.  This has been advertised as a working feature relative to my bank and the Yodlee service.


I am not getting the “SITE_CANNOT_BE_REFRESHED” error message that is a known bug.  I remedied that condition using supported steps to reset the Yodlee authentication information.  Now I occasionally get a window that says, “Please execute manual synchronization every few minutes.”  I have attempted to initiate manual Online Synchronization on several occasions but to no avail.  I would like to know if anyone using a Yodlee-based banking service has ever seen this supported/advertised “feature” function correctly.






Kevin Sawyer, CEO


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