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RE: Bank Account - Online Synchronization

Kevin Sawyer
- 04/15/2016 20:19:14

I have already raised this issue with  After initially telling me that I was afforded no support, I argued that this was an advertised feature.  Only then did was I presented with steps to circumvent the first known Yodlee bug related to authentication, shortly after which I followed up to report that no transaction data is synchronized after successful authentication.  I have yet to receive a response to my follow-up, so I took my issue to the community.  I apologize if that seem inappropriate, but I’m quite satisfied to have received a quick response.  Perhaps you can follow-up with Aurore Lesage, Functional Support Coordinator at Odoo ( and review our recent conversation.


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We use a supported bank (Associated Bank Business Banking (Yodlee)) with Odoo v9 Enterprise.  When setting up Online Synchronization, I select my bank, then input my credentials.  Odoo successfully contacts my bank and presents a listing of accounts from which to select for Online Synchronization as well as a date from which to begin getting records.  After selecting these things, I never get any transactions synchronized.


You should contact for support issues, instead of writing to this community list. We have had several issues with Yodlee for the bank synchronization of some specific banks and, so far, we solved all the issues reported. It might take a few days as usually the bug is on Yodlee's side, but we handle everything for you.


I believe this to be a bug in Odoo and therefore not an issue that should require me (or anyone else) to pay for support.  This has been advertised as a working feature relative to my bank and the Yodlee service.


Of course. Odoo Enteprise includes an unlimited bugfix support. [1] You can report as many bugs as you want and we don't charge anything for the service. Just be sure to contact us through the appropriate channel: send an email to

I am not getting the “SITE_CANNOT_BE_REFRESHED” error message that is a known bug.  I remedied that condition using supported steps to reset the Yodlee authentication information.  Now I occasionally get a window that says, “Please execute manual synchronization every few minutes.”  I have attempted to initiate manual Online Synchronization on several occasions but to no avail.  I would like to know if anyone using a Yodlee-based banking service has ever seen this supported/advertised “feature” function correctly.

We have hundreds of customers using it. But we also have had several issues with Yodlee. (more than 50) We have to fix issues with specific banks one by one, working with Yodlee's support.







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