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Bank Account - Online Synchronization

Kevin Sawyer
- 04/15/2016 19:46:01

We use a supported bank (Associated Bank Business Banking (Yodlee)) with Odoo v9 Enterprise.  When setting up Online Synchronization, I select my bank, then input my credentials.  Odoo successfully contacts my bank and presents a listing of accounts from which to select for Online Synchronization as well as a date from which to begin getting records.  After selecting these things, I never get any transactions synchronized.  I believe this to be a bug in Odoo and therefore not an issue that should require me (or anyone else) to pay for support.  This has been advertised as a working feature relative to my bank and the Yodlee service.


I am not getting the “SITE_CANNOT_BE_REFRESHED” error message that is a known bug.  I remedied that condition using supported steps to reset the Yodlee authentication information.  Now I occasionally get a window that says, “Please execute manual synchronization every few minutes.”  I have attempted to initiate manual Online Synchronization on several occasions but to no avail.  I would like to know if anyone using a Yodlee-based banking service has ever seen this supported/advertised “feature” function correctly.






Kevin Sawyer, CEO