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Re: Security - Odoo enterprise - DB access

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 04/15/2016 14:04:53
For a customer concerned with outside access to his database ( odoo enterprise ). Would you append to know if:
1) I plan to use odoo behind a VPN. Do I have to allow access to odoo sa. If yes, what kind of access they have? I asked my account manager but don't get a useful answer. I was answered that "we ping the db of our client, and have only access to information such as number of users, and apps installed" - anyone has any information about this topic?

Odoo SA does not have access to your database, and you set your server behind a VPN.

But, for the respect of the contract, we need to verify the number of users in your database. To do that, your Odoo server sends once a week the number of users and list of apps installed to Odoo SA. (it's your Odoo server that contacts Odoo SA, we don't have access to your data) This is important to control the respect of the contract conditions (number of users) and it's illegal to remove this. (every software vendor in the world, and most software like Ubuntu, Chrome, Drupal, ... do that)

We might request access to your server for our bugfix service. (example: if you ask us to fix a performance issue, we usually ask access to the server to do the service efficiently: deploy munin, check modules installed, measure postgresql in peaks, ... but you can still give us a testing environment, and it's not mandatory)

5) Do you have live v9 enterprise deployments for 25+ users?
We have several hundreds :) 25+ users is not a big deployment, it usually runs on a standard server without performance issues.