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Re: Linking Assets and Stock(Inventory) in EAM

- 04/14/2016 10:26:50
Hello Musinguzi Christian,

For correct work with your part you need define warehouse route for it. You can see example in demo data.

Thanks and Best Regards!
Vasiliy Birukov

Среда, 13 апреля 2016, 19:48 +04:00 от Musinguzi Christian <>:

Hello Community,

I am using the EAM module by Codup. However I am alittle stuck with a
praticular functionality. I would like to link the Assets Management
with my Stock such that when i create an Asset to Manage it picks this
particular Asset from my current inventory. Hence creating a stock
move from WH/Stock to Asset Locations/Assets.

Something similar to when I run the maintenance request process, it
picks the parts that need to be replaced from the stock.

Kindly someone help.

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