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New marketing material + Pricing

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 04/13/2016 14:43:22


We just published a new video about Odoo Inventory here:
(see the inventory one)

You can see a preview of the new traceability report in the video. In addition to that, our marketing is working on the following content to be released in a few weeks:
- a CRM comparison whitepaper, similar to the ERP one we released a few days ago [1]
- a longer video to showcase the new MRP features of Odoo 10
- a video about marketing features
- a video about the recruitment app

We also continue writing more user documentation.

If you missed it, we published our new prices on with prices between $8 and $16/user/month depending on the country in asia, africa and south america.

We also launched a free plan, unlimited users, on Odoo Online. More information here: