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- 04/12/2016 02:22:46

Van: Krijn Kok
Verzonden: ‎11-‎4-‎2016 14:02
Onderwerp: Customer-push-pull-point

Hi Guys,


I’m looking for a solution regarding companies with project structure.


Typically for this kind of organisation there is a calculation in advanced where the invoicing is based on.

The actually products inside this sale/delivery will come from a work preparation department.


To create a BOM product in the sales phase will take too much effort/time due to the fact that this kind of organisations have a customer defined product.

You also can say the “customer-push-pull -point” (dutch: klant-order-ontkoppelings-punt briefed as KOOP) is near the discussion of the customer.

So for these sales products we would like to create products when the customer will ok to the sales order.


Are there people in the community that have experience with that?

Or perhaps have a solution that is easy, simple and clean?


Best regards / Mit freundliche grußen / Met vriendelijke groet,


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