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Phillip Stack, Phillip
- 04/11/2016 17:53:03
Dropdown button disabled.

I have a custom frontend website which contains a dropdown btn-group containing several options for a user to select. When I set the controller to auth='public' this button functions correctly (when a user is logged in). If I log out the button will NOT drop down despite the fact that if I inspect the html I can see the content (menu options) is there.

The content is passed to the template by the controller.

The issue is that the button is meant to be clicked by a NON USER (public or none authentication).

To make matters more interesting if I set auth='none' the dropdown button again starts working. However now I can no longer use the website editor toolbar if logged in.

I feel this is a permissions related issue. Is there some correlation between the functionality of buttons and the authentication type of the page? I have not made an effort to control access to this button and a public user has full permissions on the data in the model.

I would really appreciate any insight you may be able to provide.

Thanks again!


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