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[V9.0] timesheet issue

Arjan Duijs
- 04/11/2016 16:49:11
Hi All,
I have an issue with timesheets. I am trying to add weekly hours for an employee.
The user i am doing this with is a HR manager.

- first of all, is there a way without attaching an odoo user to an employee to record his/her hours.
Our factory workers do not have odoo accounts, and they pass the hours daily on paper-timesheet.

When i go to employee, select the employee and go to his timesheet.
I click NEW and enter a specific timeperiod.
Add a line of the project/analytic account,  enter the hours the employee has worked on it and press SAVE.

the result is that none of the hours have been registered and all say 0:00 hours.

however when i do the same for my current user, its nicely recorded.

see attachments.