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Re: Database size question

Voedsel.Coop, Ronald Wopereis
- 04/08/2016 16:15:15
hi John,

Back in 1989 (*) i worked for Unify Corp (a database company), conducting a database performance measure with NCR equipment in Vienna, Austria. The size then was 2 million records.

While the equipment couldn't handle the amount of data back then, i have no doubt that it could today. Also, i estimate that in 25 years the technology has also improved.

thx, R

(*) in 1989 big AT&T Unix servers (= NCR) cost a fortune and had megabytes, not terabytes of memory.

2016-04-08 0:12 GMT+02:00 John Pia Jr <>:

Would 1 million records be considered large or 100 million?

I'm trying to think of a long-term management plan for my data, and I would like to hear some of the experience that others have with managing large databases


- John Pia Jr

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