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Re: Odoo issue tracking - autorespond

Torvald Baade Bringsvor, Torvald B. Bringsvor
- 04/05/2016 17:18:54

Yes did both. And it works in the gui. But i have now changed so i made a small piece of code to override the create method of project.issue and that works like a charm. Just that I was trying to do something without programming for once...


5. apr. 2016 21.27 skrev "Nhomar Hernandez" <>:

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 1:37 PM, Torvald Baade Bringsvor <> wrote:
But I have also enabled creating issues from emails (which technically means creating over JSONRPC) and then the action is not triggered.

What did you tried?

Did you make the action rule necessary for this?, Did you create the template necessary for this?

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