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Supplier return and invoicing

Elico Corporation, Eric Caudal
- 03/31/2016 21:09:37
I used to be able, since v5 at least to return a product to my supplier by clicking a button called "Return" in the incoming shipment and have the possibility to select the invoicing so that I could create a credit note linked to my supplier.
This way I knew that my supplier would eventually send me a credit note and/or the missing product and the return physical move and invoicing were somehow under control.

In v9, I have the possibility to return the product (via a button called "Reverse" which is a little bit weird in this case) but I am never given the possibility to chose the invoicing type.
When I create the invoice to my supplier, selecting the PO number, the "reversed" moves are not deducted from the total quantity delivered.

Did somebody achieve what I am trying to do which is return product to my supplier and have it under control in my invoicing?

Any pointer would be welcome
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