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Demand Forecasting in Odoo?

ACME group, Mohamed Saada
- 03/31/2016 09:58:25
Dear All

We are looking for a demand forecasting module that can perform the following for the manufacturing industry:

1.     Statistical forecasting at Higher/Low Hierarchy Level-Brand, Group, SKU, Market, Channel, Brand. Alert in case system sees major deviation between SF and Forecast

2.     Availability of Various Time Series Forecasting Models and Regression Models along with auto detection/selection of best model.

3.     Functionality for Manual Overrides and Input Assumptions, Assumptions Tracking for Manual Forecasting.

4.     Forecast Error Calculation at SKU/Brand/Group/Channel/Market Level with multiple time spans for forecast period locking

5.     Capability to recommend new SKU split based on trend

6.     Forecasting options for Mother/Child SKUs (with BOMs) for manipulated/product on product SKUs.

7.     Phase In/Out Forecasting to reflect Changes on product package/changes (Capability to apply different scenarios in managing remnants)

8.     Separate Installation/access to Companies (forecasting) - to be able to work and arrive at consensus forecast without need for exchanging data.

9.     Forecast view/access for International distributors to review/give input on forecast remotely-no separate installation is needed

Does anyone have experience with such projects?

Best Regards,

Mohamed Saada
ACME Business Platforms General Manager


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