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Re: Odoo Manufacturing v10

Fabien Pinckaers
- 03/30/2016 16:20:29
WAIT let's calm down.
The BOM is 1 element of the ECO and by itself it MUST have a VCS in some way with related information. Do not move that concept ot other model pliiiiiz.

The improvements goes more into the direction of a real VCS: ECO manages diff and merges and we have versioning on BoMs. Have a look at the explanation of the rationale behind this change:

> One question, you has marked several things as **done on that document can you point me 
> what is the interim branch? or is it already merged on master?

We have several branches, but the main one is master-mrp-jco, not merged in master and will probably merged in 4 or 6 weeks. 

But it's too early for the community to test these features. It's better that you wait for it to be stable. We will send an email to partners/community when it's ready to be tested.
In parallel, we are working on:
- video of the features, like in
- a full documentation
- slides for sales pitch

In 2 months, we will do a tour with conferences in 8 different countries to showcase the features. We expect to release the documentation, webinars and videos at the same time.