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Re: Rental Management

- 03/30/2016 04:27:28


It's better to use default stock and customer locations as it makes inventory moves easier and easy to implement. Had implement rental management in couple of my clients in same way along with serial no tracking



On 30-Mar-2016 1:09 pm, "Bharat Devnani" <> wrote:
Dear Community Members,

We are implementing Rental Management in Odoo, so thought of asking the best practices on Stock Movement.

Is it advisable to create Two Internal Locations i.e Rent In and Rent Out and do the movements between those locations, or use the default Stock and Customers Locations and create the Delivery and Receipts between these locations.

We are just planning for providing Goods on Rent not Selling the Rented product. Selling the product is altogether a different process.

Hope to get your valuable insights on this, and what would be pros and cons of both the approaches.

Best Regards,

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