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RE: GUI way: Showing a field in two models

Ray Carnes
- 03/28/2016 17:09:18


As long as Model A has a link to Model B via a many2one field, you can add a “related” field to Model A that will hold the data from Model B and allow you to display it in a view based on Model A.

Since a Delivery Order (stock.picking) has a partner_id field relating it back to res.partner, you can add show anything from res.partner via related fields on stock.picking.


·         on the stock.picking model, add a new field x_partner_email:

·         Field Type: char (matches the field type of email on res.partner)

·         Related Field:


Now you can add x_partner_email to a stock.picking view and see the email address of the associated partner.



From: Luis Panozzo []
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Subject: GUI way: Showing a field in two models


Field ABC belongs to model Sales (to say something)

I want to display it in a formview that is based on model SX1

Is there a NON-PROGRAMMATICAL way of displaying field ABC in that formview?

By this, I mean a construct via a view that I can build using the GUI (an XML statement giving the proper reference?)


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