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Dual printer in PosBOX (Receipt and Kitchen printer in same machine)

Mario Arias Badila
- 03/27/2016 23:19:21

In case anyone is in need of a dirty hack to install two printers on one machine, to be used under PosBox, we just did some small modifications to hw_escpos to create hw_serialescpos.

We installed two PosBox instances on the same machine, one with regular hw_escpos, in charge of the receipt printer connected using USB, and a second instance with the hw_serialescpos, that connects to printer using Serial Port instead.

This way we could also place this second printerin the kitchen, far away from the PosBox machine, using a serial cable, breaking the limit of 5 meters on USB cables without needing active USB hubs and/or active USB cables...

If you just need two USB printers, you will need to update hw_escpos to track bus and device number for each printer, and then take that into account when selecting the printer to use...

The hw_serialescpos module can be found in the following repo:

Keep in mind that pos_restaurant module appends port 8069 to ANY proxy address that you define for Kitchen printer, so you have to use that port for your serial esc/pos PosBox instance, or fix pos_restaurant so it does'n add the default port.

Also, hw_serialescpos module asumes that your are using a USB to Serial cable, so device is asummed to be /dev/ttyUSB0.  You will need to adjust this to your needs...

Finally, serial port communications are not very refined, specially at error handling.  If you find errors (and solutions) please create PRs