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Re: Manufacturing Process

Md. Tanzilul Hasan Khan
- 03/27/2016 01:53:07
So, there is no solution to this in odoo?


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 12:43 PM, MD Tanzilul Hasan Khan <> wrote:

We are trying to implement the manufacturing process, if anyone can please show us path for the following issue.

Suppose there is a Product named - Product A. It has three operations to get produced.

Step one - Machine process
Step two - Printing Process
Step three - Packing Process

Current process - Now, there is a Manufacturing Order (MO) of 1000units of Prouct A.

In step one- machine process, it produces 500 units of intermediary product in that work center. Then the production floor transfers the 500units to step two - printing process.

Same way some partial intermediary product 300units are transferred to packing process.

Finally 300units of product A gets produced. Now, how can I keep track how many units are produced in which work center and how many are pending.

MD. Tanzilul Hasan Khan.

MD. Tanzilul Hasan Khan.