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Re: Wrong margin when using UOS

ABACUS Soluciones (IVASA), Javier Santos
- 03/26/2016 10:51:45
Hi SaFI, there is a concept mistake.

The formula to calculate the margin is:  Cost price / (1 - % margin).   Then you will get the sale price with the right margin.


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El 26/03/2016 a las 04:16 a.m., Mustafa Al Azaam escribió:

I faced an issue with calculating right margin on sales order when using unit of sale other that unit of measure.

e.g. when I sale (50 pcs) of product X that has  

uom = pcs (piece)
uom cost price = 5.97
uom sale price = 7.2
uos = square meter
uos coeff = 1.5

with total 50 x 7.2 = 360

where the margin, according how I do understand is
7.2 - 5.97 = 1.23 
then the expected margin is 50 x 1.23 = 61.5

BUT I get -88.4 as a margin

when don't use uos everything works fine

I forget to mention that the impacted version of odoo is 8.0-20160103

I hope to hear your opinions



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