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Re: Displaying current inventory by location in stock move.

matt crouch
- 03/24/2016 14:47:01
I dont know of anything existing, and I dont have a module created for
you , but I have implemented this deep inside one of my larger
modules. I set up onchange methods which pulled the qty_available
within a specific zone (shelf, location, etc), which depended on the
product and the location the product was being pulled from. The same
logic could be used to display the current inventory at the
destination as well (but we were mostly concerned about inventory at
the source location).

If you are used to making your own modules, implementing should be
trivial. If not, send me a private email and I'll see if I can dig up
a code snippet.

If you are talking about displaying the current inventory in ALL
locations, you would want an onchange the just pulls the qty_available
; you can also pull all of the stock.quant objects for the product,
and then group them by location (this is more complicate).

Hope this is a thought in the right direction

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 6:32 AM, John Pia Jr <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is anyone aware of a module out there that would allow me to display current
> stock levels by location when making a stock more on a product?
> For example,
> If I create a new stock move, once I select the product, I would like to
> display in the same form the current inventory levels.
> The only way I can achieve this now is to leave the stock move screen and go
> to the product form and click "on hand qty"
> Does anyone have a better solution ?
> - John Pia Jr
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- Matt

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