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Replacing an entire template

Ryan Cole
- 03/23/2016 19:50:02
Is it possible to completely override a <template> definition from a theme module? I'm building a website, and would like to completely remove/replace the website.layout_footer_copyright template. What I've tried so far:

<template id="website.layout_footer_copyright" inherit_id="website.layout_footer_copyright"></template>

<template id="website.layout_footer_copyright"></template>

<template id="override_footer" inherit_id="website.layout_footer_copyright">
    <xpath expr="." position="replace">

None of the above tests have worked (either throwing errors, or not doing anything). 

I'm aware that I could use xpath to find the relevant html tag, and replace it that way - but there are several other templates that I'd like to replace and I need an elegant, simple solution.