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Default stock in Odoo 9 / route rules broken?

Axxelia GmbH & Co.KG, Markus Menner
- 03/23/2016 02:44:29

We’re Odoo 9 EE users and we’re trying to implement default stock locations for specific products.

I already asked the Odoo support team, but I didn’t get an answer so far, so I’m asking the community...

I understood that this is only possible using specific routes and corresponding push/pull rules.
I managed to implement the shipping part (product will be taken from specific stock location).

What I didn’t manage was the incoming part.
I’ve setup a push rule on our main stock that would initiate a second move to the specific location.

Now, if I set „Automatic Move“ to „Automatic Move“, I will get a second move after having performed the first move (the Supplier -> Stock move).
If I confirm this second move (to the specific stock location), it will move the quantity to the right stock location, which is perfect.
HOWEVER, I do not want to confirm this second move.

Instead, I understood, there is the possibility to set „Automatic Move“ in the route configuration to „ Automatic No Step Added“.
In that case, I understood, the original destination location should be replaced by the one in the rule.
HOWEVER that does not work in my case.
The move still moves the quantities to the main stock location instead to the specific location for the particular product.

Any idea why this is the case? Is it a bug? Is there a workaround?

Maybe there is another way how to implement specific stock locations for specific products, even in a smarter way?

Kind regards,