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Re: Chart of accounts

maalej mohamed
- 03/19/2016 13:20:35
hello Goyani Pankaj
thank you for your replay
i'm now trying the solution given to me by Quentin THEURET wich is to duplicate an existing module, 
i didnt finish yet but it seems a right way
i will give the results in the next days
a big thanks for Quentin THEURET and for all the community

Le Samedi 19 mars 2016 15h50, Goyani Pankaj <> a écrit :

Hello Mohamed,

If your want in your exist database configure new COA.
You need to create new company and go to menu Setting -> Configuaration -> Configured wizard then select your company or you can create new database after your own account add in data xml file by create your custom module.
Because company wise we can configure COA.

I hope this information help to you.


On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Quentin THEURET <> wrote:
Le 15/03/2016 20:31, MOHAMED MAALEJ a écrit :
hello for all
please how i can add a new chart of accounts for a country not exist in odoo and will be used for many times
You can get an existing l10n_* module and duplicate it. Then after that, you could change accounts parameters on *_data.xml files.

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