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RE: Add products to my multiple-warehouses

Ray Carnes
- 03/18/2016 00:34:45
Can you just process an Incoming Shipment (Receipt at v9) for the quantity produced each time you check and collect?

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From: Juan Vidal Luis
Sent: ‎3/‎17/‎2016 9:32 PM
To: Community
Subject: Add products to my multiple-warehouses

Hello all,

Can someone just guide me with the best and easy way to achieve this: Add eggs to my multipl-warehouses.

In my scenario, we have several chicken houses and they produce eggs. I want to track inventory of each house and as you can see, I dont purchase the eggs.

I can see that Inventory Adjustments can help but not sure is the best practice. At this time, I dont want to create a purchase order in order to increase the inventory.

Any idea if a single module to increase inventory exist or the best way to make it happen?

Juan Vidal

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