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Re: Odoo POS over SaaS

Voedsel.Coop, Ronald Wopereis
- 03/17/2016 06:05:01
Perhaps it is also possible to use the word 'localhost' in the SAAS?
This would be interpreted differently by each network.

Is the POS device a local machine setup as a local Odoo server? 
In that case you can create a boot-/startup script on the POS machine, connecting user to POS1 and user to POS2; so that they would automatically enter the right POS when booting.

Our supplier has created such an image (local Odoo POS on Ubuntu) for the Sharp RZ-X730F. Let me know if you need their contact details.

Thx, R

2016-03-17 10:15 GMT+01:00 Alessio Gerace <>:
 pos device, works on your local network, because , is used on js client side script of pos module, then the network which work the server is not relevant.
So you can assign an static IP on router in local network of your pos device , if you want can write on pos device /etc/network/interfaces to configure a network connection as inet static and assigne a a static IP

2016-03-17 9:08 GMT+01:00 Aires Silvestre <>:
Hello Community
We currently have a customer with Odoo in a SaaS and one of the apps is POS. This customer has 2 shops with POS device.
We've configured the two POS in server but we would like to be able to distinguish them, i.e. when a shop access the server to start the POS session, to see only the POS configured to that shop and not both POS's. If it were all in a local network that would be easy because the IP configured for each POS. But when the Odoo installation in over Saas, and the client POS is over internet with no static IP we would like to listen to someone that had the same challenge.
Furthermore, we do not know if the printer is going to work (beside drivers are installed), this is, to print directly do the printer bypassing the browser.
Can anyone help on this, please?
Kind Regards

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