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Re: field analytic account not generated upon confirm sale

Amaris, Quentin THEURET @Amaris
- 03/16/2016 02:30:12
Le 15/03/2016 16:32, Arjan Duijs a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Normally when i confirmed a sale the field with the analytic account 
> was generated based upon the SO + Customer name.
> But for some reason it doesnt generate (anymore) . I have been double 
> checking all the analytic account settings for the user, in accounting 
> and the default analytic accounting app.
> But without success.
> Any idea where this setting is to auto generate the analytic account 
> name? How to turn it back on? (or check why it doesnt work anymore)
We need more information about your configuration : which Odoo version ? 
which modules installed ?