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Comparison Brochure Odoo with Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite

Charline Louis (clo)
- 03/10/2016 06:14:13
Dear Community,

We are about to release a brochure that compares Odoo with the most used 
ERP's targeted for SME's. This brochure will be available in French with 
the comparison between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, Sage 100 Enterprise 
i7 and Odoo. Another one will be edited in English with the comparison 
between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, NetSuite and Odoo.

Before releasing it, we'd like to make sure we compared these properly 
and fairly!

I would really appreciate if you could help me and have a look to the 
comparison tabs and add any notes or change any X or V if you are sure 
about yourself. If you have any remarks, please add those as 'Comments' 
on the appropriated cell.

These tabs have been made based on the most interesting features of 
Odoo. The comparison for the other solution was made based on the 
Features information found on the editors' website.

Pay attention that we compare Odoo with specific versions of competitors 
software namely: Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016, Sage 100 Enterprise i7 
(for France) and NetSuite.

If you are a super expert in another ERP solution for SME's, don't 
hesitate to add a fifth or sixth column after the Odoo one :)

Thanks a lot for your help! :)

Here is the link:

Charline Louis
Marketing Officer, Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

Phone +32 (0)2 290 34 92