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Re: v9: Are Consolidation Accounts (for Holding Company with two 'child' companies) now replaced with Custom Reports?

Mind & Go, Florent THOMAS
- 03/08/2016 15:38:27
Hi Ray,

You're are sadly right on a point, there are many many difference in the account chart structure.
AFAIK, I could say that the tags used on account should be supposed to group and consolidate datas.
So maybe that's the new official way to do this.

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Le 08/03/2016 21:31, Ray Carnes a écrit :

Is the method to configure consolidated accounts for a company like ‘ODOO Global’ which has two child companies ‘ODOO Europe’ and ‘ODOO Americas’ to generate a custom report for the parent company? (this link describes custom report creation)



·         ODOO Europe has a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc

·         ODOO Americas has a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc

·         Both operate as separate companies and are setup in Odoo as separate companies – different products, users, customers, etc

·         ODOO Global wants to see a combined Balance Sheet, Income Statement.


In previous versions this was possible by using account type – consolidation – and defining the child accounts from each company that contributed to the account balance of the parent account.  I don’t see an option for a consolidated account in v9 (runbot today, checked with Developer mode, with multi-company configured in General Settings.)  I also looked at the account.account.type model and the TYPE choices are only regular, receivable, payable, liquidity.


The Accounting v9 Draft ‘roadmap’ indicated this was part of the plan for v9, including “We keep the aggregation system for consolidation of multiple companies (we will also add a percentage on the consolidation report for companies that aren’t owned at 100%).”


So – has someone done this and is a custom report the way to go?  The formulas section would allow ‘percentage’ ownership?


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