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Re: [V9] question about consuming/stock movement

Arjan Duijs
- 03/07/2016 11:22:06
anyone got some points in the right direction?


2016-03-05 10:22 GMT-05:00 Arjan Duijs <>:
We are crafting a lot furniture custom made.
So up front we have an estimate of materials for those products to calculate the sale price.
But we always use more (or less...) products then there are listed in the initial BOM.
- higher quantity (for example screws, extra support bar)
- additional items: "oh we need this too" (glue, cloth, thinner)

So how is the "correct" way of implementing/registering this within Odoo.
I would like to know what products have been consumed by the total sales order.

- so, "How do I" register the stock movement to either the SO /Analytic Account or if this isnt posible to one of the craftable products(MO) in the SO.

- as well as in some cases we use products(cleaning and packing materials) on items that are solely bought and sold. How do i register that consummation?